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[Interviews made within the framework of producing documentaries on "9 Evenings : Theatre and Engineering" / Produced by Experiments in Art and Technology; interviewers: Barbro Schultz Lundestam, Julie Martin, Billy Klüver]. — [Shot September 7, 1997]. — 1 videocassette (2 hr. 4 min.): : master copy, analogical, col., sd., stereo, DVCAM (Sony). — Interviews with Harold Hodges, technical designer of "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" by Öyvind Fahlström; Larry Helios, technical designer of "Solo" by Deborah Hay; Bob Whitman, author of "Two Holes of Water-3" and Per Biorn, technical designer of "Carriage Discreteness" by Yvonne Rainer; performances presented during "9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering," 69th Regiment Armory (New York, N.Y., United States), October 13-23, 1966. — Reference copy available (1 VHS videocassette). — The Daniel Langlois foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering fonds.

Video document / Interview
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- Per Biorn
- Öyvind Fahlström
- Deborah Hay
- Larry Heilos
- Harold Hodges
- Robert Whitman

- 9 Evenings : Theatre and Engineering, 1966, New York
- Kisses Sweeter than Wine, 1966, New York
- Solo, 1966, New York