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Jean-Pierre Balpe, Contextes de l'art numérique

Jean-Pierre Balpe, Contextes de l'art numérique, 2000
Balpe, Jean-Pierre. - Contextes de l'art numérique. - Paris: Hermès, 2000. - 224 p. - (Technologies et cultures). - Includes a bibliography. - ISBN 2746201607.

In this essay not yet translated into English whose theoretical proposals derive from cognitive sciences and textual analysis, Jean-Pierre Balpe tries to define the specificity of the context in which digital art is developing. The author begins his reflection by presenting the concept of semiosis or construction of meaning, which he associates with the notion of art. He then identifies the junctions between the artistic field and technological discourse.

Next, Balpe explores the essentially abstract and recursive characteristics of the material making up digital works (data, programming algorithms). He pragmatically points out the factors that condition how these works are produced and received. To do so, the author details the distinct features of the devices associated with such works (types of screens, ergonomics of the consoles of interactive works) and the cognitive responses that their programs rouse in the user/viewer.

Finally, Balpe suggests the example of generative art as a model of practice where the boundary between producer, product and receiver blurs and where the notions of permanence and finiteness of the works are questioned. Comments on artist's projects exemplify Balpe's theoretical demonstration.

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