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Groupe de recherche en arts médiatiques (GRAM)

Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques

(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques
Established in 1989 at the l'Université du Québec à Montréal (GRAM) brings together artists, theorists and researchers from various universities with the aim of facilitating creation and promotion of media art.

UQAM's Research Group in Media Arts (Groupe de recherche en arts médiatiques) is translating its Dictionnaire des arts médiatiques into English. The dictionary deals with the technology used in media art. The Daniel Langlois Foundation supported both the translation of the dictionary and its on-line version, which will be continuously enriched by contributions from the artistic community, particularly Leonardo (a periodical published by the MIT Press) and Annick Bureaud's IDEA (International Directory of Electronic Arts).

Angela Plohman © 2000 FDL

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