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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Interview with Diana Burgoyne

Interview with Diana Burgoyne
Diana Burgoyne, Hanging One, 1999
Diana Burgoyne has been producing "Do It Yourself" interactive audio artworks since the mid-1980s. Often incorporating her own body as an element within electronic social networks that include the viewer, her artworks speak to the broader electromagnetic environment within which we live. The following are evidence of her extensive activity as an artist and performer – a 2006 residency with SCANZ in New Zealand, an exhibition at ISEA 2006 in Montreal (Quebec), and a performance at RIAP in Quebec City (Quebec) that same year. Her most recent work, Audio Quilt (2008) is an interactive installation that reflects the sounds and voices of the Roundhouse community in Vancouver (British Columbia) by utilizing one hundred audio chips, each recording 10 seconds of sound.

Caroline Langill © 2009 FDL