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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Interview with Nell Tenhaaf

Interview with Nell Tenhaaf
Nell Tenhaaf is an electronic media artist and writer who has been deconstructing the dominance of DNA rhetoric in Science since 1989. Moving from choice-based interactive works in the late 1980s and early 1990s Tenhaaf’s recent artworks – Flo ‘n Glo (2005), Swell (2003), UCBM (You Could Be Me) (1999) – verge on autopoietic systems which include the viewer as one element in continuous flux. In 2003, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa (Ontario) mounted a survey exhibition of fifteen years of her work entitled Fit/Unfit, which travelled extensively in Canada. Through her writing and involvement with the Vida/Life art and artificial life competition based in Madrid (Spain), Tenhaaf continues to contribute to the debates she and Catherine Richards began with the Bioapparatus in 1991.

Caroline Langill © 2009 FDL