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Caroline Langill, Shifting Polarities

Interview with Juan Geuer

Interview with Juan Geuer
Juan Geuer, Al Asnaam, 1980
Born into a family of artists in The Netherlands, Juan Geuer arrived in Canada via Bolivia in 1953. While working as a draftsman in the Dominion Observatory (later the Earth Physics Branch of the Departement of Energy, Mines and Resources) in Ottawa (Ontario), Geuer began his investigations into the physical properties of the earth and its atmosphere. His works use optics, seismic technologies, and electronics to make visible physical forces that are imperceptible to his audience. For the past three decades Geuer has enjoyed national and international exposure, exhibiting extensively in Canada and Europe, in venues such as the Museum Boymans van Beuningen (1985) in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the List Visual Art Centre at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1985) in Cambridge (MA, U.S.), and the National Art Gallery of Canada (1990) in Ottawa (Ontario). Juan Geuer passed away on May 2, 2009 at the age of 92 years at his home in Almonte (Ontario).

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