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Variable Remote Copier (3M) and Telecopier (XEROX)
Tool identification

Name of tool: Variable Remote Copier
Alternative names: VRC ; Variable Remote Telecopier ; 3M facsimile equipment
Inventors/Designers: ?
Marketed by: 3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company)
Design date: 196?
Marketing date: 196?
Type of application: Fax

Description of tool

The Variable Remote Telecopier sent texts and images via the telephone system.

List of components

Light, revolving drum, electromechanical and electronic components, photoelectric receptors, plastic housing, wire.

Operating procedure:

At the sender’s end, a beam of light swept the source, which was placed on a revolving drum. The reflected light was directed towards a photoelectric receptor that converted its intensity into electric signals (audio). When the light hit a dark zone on the source, a sound was emitted (clear zones did not produce sound). These signals were then transmitted through a telephone handset inserted into an acoustic coupler. At the receiving end, an identical device received the audio data sequence as infrared rays (thermal shifts). A receptor paper placed against a drum revolving at the same speed at which the sending device was exposed to these rays. The image was reproduced through the dispersion of silver oxide powder, which adhered only to the hot zones on the receptor paper.

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