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Surajit Sarkar

(Delhi, India)

Surajit Sarkar, 2007
Surajit Sarkar is a filmmaker working in Delhi, India. He has held a myriad of positions as varied as photocopier salesman, bank officer, elementary school teacher, and developer of curriculums for both elementary school teachers and students. Since 1991, he has worked as a video filmmaker. This career has allowed him to venture into many aspects of filmmaking, and he has created weekly television programs and documentary educational films. A number of these films have been recognised nationally and internationally and have won prizes in film festivals in India and abroad. Since 2001, Mr. Sarkar has worked as a video artist for theatre and dance stage productions. He is a founding member of "A Deep Fried Jam," which has played at the National Drama Festival, Delhi; House of World Cultures, Berlin; the Prithvi Festival, Mumbai, and the Other Festival, Chennai. Sarkar is also a founding member of the Catapult Arts Caravan – a travelling socio-political performance group of artists and community workers. In this interview excerpt, Sarkar reflects on the shift from creating documentary and educational films to his experimentation with interactive video art.

Raphaëlle Aubin © 2007 FDL