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Subtitled Public: Documentary Collection

Technical details and hardware

Paul Kuranko, technical drawing for Subtitled Public
Here is the equipment list for Subtitled Public at the e-art exhibition in Montreal:

Model: Apple Mac mini
Specifications: 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor
Operating system: Windows XP with "Boot Camp" Windows emulation for Mac
Quantity: 5 (one for each of the 4 projectors, one for the main control)

Model: D-Link Gigabit Switch DGS 2205 (5 ports)

Type: "Delphi" programming, "Intel Open Computer Vision" libraries
Source code: Conroy Badger, Acoustic Positioning Research (APR Inc.), Edmonton, Canada

Closed circuit video camera
Type: Infrared surveillance system
Model: Edmund Optics lens and laser accessories
Quantity: usually 4, only one in Montreal

Video projector
Model: Canon LV-7255
Brightness (Lumens): 2500 ANSI
Contrast: 600:1
Size (cm) (HxWxD): 10.9 x 29.7 x 27.4
Lens Zoom: 1.56:1
Native Resolution: 1024x768 Pixels
Max Resolution: 1600x1200 Pixels
Quantity: 4

Type: Infrared lighting system
Model: 50W quartz halogen light source
Filter: Roscolux 382 Congo Blue (GAM 930, LEE 181)
Diffuser: Roscolux 116
Quantity: 10 in Montreal, up to 16 in other settings

Artist Web site:
Installation manual: (7.3MB PDF file)

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