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The Giver of Names: Documentary Collection

Semi-structured interviews

Semi-structured interviews take place in the installation space and allow a social and naturalistic form of data gathering with fairly low barriers to participation. All interviews were recorded using a digital voice recorder.

Alan, a writer, explains how he tested the installation The Giver of Names to work out how it analyses the image of the objects.
Diana and JamesDiana and James
James, an engineer, and Diana, a scientist, both in their 60s, describe how they worked out, in great detail, the functionality of the work by watching others...
Diana and James
Mrs. FabreauMrs. Fabreau
Mrs. Fabreau, an older woman, explains her enjoyment of the child-like discovery element of the artwork...
Mrs. Fabreau
Jennifer, an English teacher, realises during the course of the interview how the piece works...
Julie AnnJulie Ann
Julie Ann, a primary school teacher, realises that you can change the objects on the plinth from watching others, but is too shy to do it herself...
Julie Ann
Mathilde and ElfiMathilde and Elfi
Elfi and Mathilde are Cegep students visiting the installation for the second time. They already know how it works and they play extensively with the installation...
Mathilde and Elfi
Tim, a town planner who has a lot of experience with art, interacts with the artwork during the interview, as he was unsure wheter he was allowed before...

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