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Frances Dyson, And then it was now

9 Evenings

E.A.T. Proposal for Ten Exhibitions at Automation House

The exhibitions were entitled Technology and the Individual: Recognition and Choices, and its stated objective was “to promote a recognition of the options presented by the new technology for the individual.”

Some of the proposed projects included:

“Variations of the Body: Genetics” (Allen Ginsberg);
“Variations of the Body: Renovation, Transformation and Extension” (Steve Paxton);
“Interactive Technology for the Three-Year-Old” (Olga Klüver and Robert Rauschenberg);
“Woman: Her Technological Environment” (Jean Dupuy);
“Sports Equipment: Individual and Nature” (Claes Oldenburg);
“Secrecy, Privacy and Sharing: Effect of the New Communication and Information Technology” (William Burroughs);
“Automation: Involvement or Alienation” (Jean Tinguely);
“Technology and the Environment: An Interactive, Computer Simulated Ecosystem” (John Cage);
“Atomic Energy” (Öyvind Fahlström);
“Shaping the Environment: Participation by the Individual” (Robert Whitman). (1)

Frances Dyson © 2006 FDL

(1) E.A.T. Proposal for Ten Exhibitions at Automation House / Experiments in Art and Technology (March 17, 1969. Project description), [2] p. The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, Collection of Documents Published by Experiments in Art and Technology. EAT C5-13 / 2; 106.