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Machine for Taking Time: Documentary Collection

Exhibition context

David Rokeby, Machine for Taking Time (Boul. Saint-Laurent), 2007
Boulevard Saint-Laurent Boulevard Saint-Laurent Image taken by the East side camera
Machine for Taking Time (Boul. Saint-Laurent), was first presented to the public on September 14, 2007, and was part of the exhibition e-art: New Technologies and Contemporary Art: Ten years of Accomplishments by the Daniel Langlois Foundation. (1) Acquired by the Foundation, the work was exhibited at Ex-Centris until April 6, 2009.

The work was installed at one end of the lobby in front of the large bay windows facing west to Clark Street and the playground, which one of the cameras scanned on a regular basis.

© 2009 FDL

(1) This exhibition was a joint initiative of the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from September 20 to December 9, 2007 (currator: Jean Gagnon). Exhibition catalogue: