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Telematic Vision: Documentary Collection

Context of the current presentation at the Museum of Communication

Museum of Communication (Berne, Switzerland)
Since 2003, Telematic Vision has been in a state of "ongoing performance" at the Museum of Communication in Berne, as it is an important part of the permanent exhibition entitled So near and yet so far: People and their Media. One sofa is located in the introductory section of the exhibit, entitled Face to Face. The section was created in collaboration with artists and is dedicated to the theme of direct embodied communication. The second sofa is located in a subsequent section of the exhibit on another floor dedicated to the history and impact of the electronic radio and television broadcast media. In its enacted state through visitors, Telematic Vision forms the perfect link between these two exhibition topics, and the whole exhibition itself gives an appropriate media and art history context to the meaning of the artwork.

Rolf Wolfensberger © 2009 FDL