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Telematic Vision: Documentary Collection


The questionnaire was designed as a counter-check to the spontaneous first person narratives of the video-cued recall interviews. Randomly chosen participants were asked to describe from memory and in writing their personal experience on the sofas and to paraphrase the sensations and emotions they could remember. The questionnaire consisted of a total of 16 questions, seven of which were aimed at capturing the very experience of trying to encircle the remembered phenomena from different angles and offering space for interpretation. Three questions were specifically aimed at debating the artist’s conceptual intentions, and the remaining six questions were dedicated to impressions about the technical and contextual implementation of the concept at the museum. The questionnaire was rounded off with some additional anonymised questions about the age, sex and educational or professional status of the interviewees.

- Summary translation of original German questionnaire: (PDF file)

Rolf Wolfensberger © 2009 FDL