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Very Nervous System: Documentary Collection

Technical Documentation

Very Nervous System, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, 2009
It is very important to note that the equipment list catalogue the specific hardware used in this particular installation. For more information about how these components have changed and evolved over time, please see the "Other Installations" and "Interview with David Rokeby" sections of the case study.

Hardware (visible)
- 2 Speakers: JBL Control 25
- 1 Camera: Super Circuits Super Low Light B/W Security Camera
- 1 Spot Light: Griven Professional Spot 300/500 Fresnel
- 1 Custom Made Equipment Rack

Hardware (inside equipment rack)
- 1 Computer: Apple Mac Mini
- 1 Video to Firewire Converter: The Imaging Source DFG/1394-1e
- 1 Midi Synthesizer: Roland SC-55 "Sound Canvas" (manufactured circa 1992)
- 1 USB Midi Interface: Midiman Midisport 2X2 (now manufactured by M-Audio)
- 1 Audio Amplifier: T.Amp S150
- 1 Dimmer

- Operating system: Mac OS X 10
- Max/MSP
- softVNS with various music modules

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