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Very Nervous System: Documentary Collection

Audience Interviews

Still-frame of a Video-Cued Recall Interview : Interview with Günther
Using techniques adapted from human-centered design, ethnography and oral history, Lizzie Muller, Caitlin Jones recorded interviews with audience members (with the help from Katja Kwastek and Ingrid Spörl). The methods and processes used are explained in more detail alongside the records in the archive and in Lizzie Muller's publication "Towards an oral history of new media art".

Each of the audience interviews presents a unique experience of the work, and together they represent a cross section of ages, occupations and self-defined levels of experience with art.

All interviews conducted by Lizzie Muller except:
- Peter and Gabi by Caitlin Jones
- Katarina by Ingrid Spörl
- Birgitt by Katja Kwastek

Caitlin Jones & Lizzie Muller © 2010 FDL