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Very Nervous System: Documentary Collection

Semi-Structured Interviews

Semi-structured interviews took place in the installation space and allowed a social and naturalistic form of data gathering with fairly low barriers to participation. All interviews were recorded using a digital voice recorder.

Alexander is a young software developer who knows a great deal about computers. He is interested in art and visits museums two or three times a year. He is surprised at first that there is nothing “visual” in the installation...
Gabi is a curator with expertise in digital media, documentation and preservation. She knew nothing about Very Nervous System before entering the space. She closes her eyes to experience the work...
Kathryn is a visual artist in her 20s with extensive experience in art and exhibitions. She immediately understands the nature of the work’s interaction...
Claudia is 61 years old and works in a publishing house. Her husband is an artist, and she frequently visits museums. She slowly realises that the work responds to movement...
Heinz is a middle-aged banker with a strong technical background. He has a great interest in contemporary art and has seen many exhibitions around the world. Nothing happens when Heinz first walks into the installation space...
Peter is an academic and a curator. He has exhibited Very Nervous System himself at other exhibitions and describes it as “an old friend.” He feels the installation of the work in See This Sound is ugly...

Caitlin Jones & Lizzie Muller © 2010 FDL