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Contrainte / Restraint

An exhibition produced by the Groupe Molior

Lucas Bambozzi, Run>Routine (2007)

Lucas Bambozzi, Run>Routine (2007)
Run>Routine was created from the observation of common operations that people carry out everyday and which are based on computer routines. For instance, the choice of a song or of a video file in a player in which there is a graphic interface, a repetitive process which is foreign to the world we normally live in and listen to.

The title is important: ‘run,’ in computing language, is a kind of habit associated to the execution of commands, scripts, programs or programming routines. That is, it is a command that triggers events. The word ‘routine’ affirms the ironic character of the project, as it suggests something less than a habit and more like a repetition of small everyday life incidents.

Run>Routine seeks to associate coding routines with domestic routines. If the former are ‘programmable,’ supposedly unfailing, the latter are almost always unforeseeable. But both can cause tribulations.

The work consists of a synchronized system, with two screens, one of them running the programming script that randomly triggers the videos and another showing the short clips of the incidents—things falling, producing a repetition of small chaotic sequences that capture the viewers’ attention for an instant in a singular fashion.

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. His works have been shown in solo and collective exhibitions in more than 40 countries. He was a visiting artist at the CAiiA-STAR Centre, where he has developed an extensive research about on-line privacy and pervasive systems, as part of his M.Phil. studies, concluded in 2006 at the University of Plymouth, UK. His research on media and art has led to a series of curatorial projects such as: Life Goes Mobile (2005) and, International Mobile Media Art Festival (2006-2009). Bambozzi has been working with collectives FAQ/feitoamãos and Cobaia, dealing with live video performances and media intervention projects in public spaces. His recent exhibitions include Interconnect at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany (2006), Pensée Sauvageon Freedom at Frankfurter Kunstverein in Germany (2007) and Emergentes at LABoral, (2007/2008) Gijon, Spain and RE:akt!, at ŠKUC gallery, Ljubljana in Slovenia.