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The Manual Input Workstation: Documentary Collection

Interview with Golan Levin

Interview with Golan Levin / Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research., Linz; interviewers: interviewers: Lizzie Muller, Katja Kwastek; camera: Sigrid Nagele, Ulrike Pimminger; video editing: Ulrike Pimminger; Interviews conducted in September 2009 at the Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (Austria).

Questions by Lizzie Muller: Introduction to the interactive experience of The Manual Input Workstation: "Imagine you're a 55 year old woman named Sonia..."

Question 1Question 1
Challenges of intuitive understanding
Question 1
Question 2Question 2
Possible interaction steps by Sonia
Question 2
Question 3Question 3
Considerations on interaction design and user observation
Question 3
Question 4Question 4
Problems with the piece due to the project’s history
Question 4
Question 5Question 5
Impossibility to verbalize the experiences of others
Question 5
Question 6Question 6
Experiencing the creative flow
Question 6

Questions by Katja Kwastek: Structure and aesthetic of the work:

Question 7Question 7
The three different scenes in the work
Question 7
Question 8Question 8
The idea of augmented shadow play
Question 8
Question 9Question 9
The installation as artwork or instrument
Question 9
Question 10Question 10
The concept of "response" as a priority
Question 10
Question 11Question 11
Sculptural quality of the installation
Question 11
Question 12Question 12
Questions of flow and vicarious interaction
Question 12
Question 13Question 13
The visibility of interaction in the performance version
Question 13
Question 14Question 14
Sound-image relations and mutual representations instead of "transformations"
Question 14
Question 15Question 15
(Symbolic) re-presentation vs. indexical presentation and the question of objectivity
Question 15
Question 16Question 16
The possibility of mastery
Question 16

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