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The Manual Input Workstation: Documentary Collection

Technical Documentation

Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006)
Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006) Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006) Tmema, The Manual Input Workstation (2004-2006)
Required equipment (list provided by the artists to exhibiting institutions)

- PC Computer, 3.0Ghz+ or Dual 2.2Ghz+ Intel CPU, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD
  We recommend and prefer desktop computers from Dell or HP
  Windows XP English recommended but not required
  nVidia GeForce 7400+ graphics card with 2 outputs (DVI & VGA)
  It may be helpful to have a wireless keyboard
- Video projector, 3000+ ANSI Lumen, DLP, 1024x768 native resolution
- Ceiling-mount system for video projector
- 15" LCD screen (1024x768), for administrative purposes only
- Stereo sound system (powered speakers + amplifier)
- Stereo audio cables (PC to amplifier)
- 1 long coaxial 75-ohm BNC video cable (20 meters-) for Camera to PC
- 1 12-volt DC adaptor, 500 milliamps
- 1 long VGA cable (20 meters-) for PC to video projector
- 1 short VGA cable (2 meters) for PC to LCD screen
- Special pedestal construction
- Overhead Projector
- Spare lamps for Overhead Projector

Additional equipment (the artists may provide some of these items)

- Sony SSCM-183 B&W Security Camera
- IR-pass filter for camera (Kodak Wratten 87C gelatine filter, 1 square inch)
- Bogen/Manfrotto Camera Clamp with Quick-Release Head
- Pinnacle PCTV video capture PCI card for PC
- Rosco #349 Fischer Fuchsia pink gel sheet
- Special cardboard numbers and shapes

Exhibition room requirements:

- Medium-dim room with no daylight
- Light level in the room should be constant, and not fluctuate significantly

The Correct Kind of Overhead Projector (courtesy of Golan Levin)

The Overhead Projector (OHP) must be a traditional analog electric transparency projector. This projector must have a large hollow body in which the table top is also a glass (Fresnel) lens. A good example is the 3M 1820, 3M 1850, or 3M 1880. These projectors look like this:

There are many different manufacturers and models for overhead projectors. It is OK to use an older OHP (from the 1960’s or 1970s) if it is clean and working well. The most important properties of the OHP we need are:

- Transmissive (not reflective)
- We prefer “Doublet” lens
- About 2000-3000 Lumens of brightness
- 10.5-11 inch stage

So, I recommend an Overhead Projector in the 3M series, like the 3M 1880, hopefully with a brightness of 2000 to 4000 Lumens. If you cannot get 3M, there are other brands that work, but please check with us first. It is important that the projector is of the correct kind, as I have already emphasized. You will also need to get a spare lamp (lightbulb) for the OHP! This is especially important for long-term exhibitions (more than a few days).

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