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The Manual Input Workstation: Documentary Collection

Audience Interviews

Using techniques adapted from human-centered design, ethnography and oral history, Lizzie Muller, Ingrid Spörl and Katja Kwastek recorded interviews with audience members. The methods and processes used are explained in more detail in Lizzie Muller's publication "Towards an oral history of new media art".

Each of the audience interviews presents a unique experience of the work, and together they represent a cross section of ages, occupations and self-defined levels of experience with art.

Video-cued recall is a method for recording a verbal description of an experience and accompanying film footage. The participant is video taped whilst they experience the artwork. They are then immediately taken to a separate room where they are shown the video and asked to simultaneously describe their experience in as much detail as possible.

Semi-structured interviews take place in the installation space and allow a social and naturalistic form of data gathering with fairly low barriers to participation. All interviews were recorded using a digital voice recorder.

Katja Kwastek © 2010 FDL