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The Manual Input Workstation: Documentary Collection

Video-Cued Recalls

Audience Interviews / Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research. Linz; interviewers: Lizzie Muller, Ingrid Spörl, Katja Kwastek; camera: Sigrid Nagele, Ulrike Pimminger; video editing: Ulrike Pimminger; Interviews conducted in September 2009 at the Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (Austria).

Franzisko is a media theorist who came to Linz to visit Ars Electronica. He tries to grasp all of the possible modes and different scenes of the installations and experience them to their fullest...
Heidi is a retired teacher and art enthusiast. She describes how she has come to understand the work by exploring it and using the number shapes offered...
Helmut (in German)Helmut (in German)
Helmut is a history and literature teacher. He is fascinated by the sound features of the work and also explores the possibility of three-dimensional movements...
Helmut (in German)

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