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The Manual Input Workstation: Documentary Collection

Semi-Structured Interviews

Audience Interviews / Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research. Linz; interviewers: Lizzie Muller, Ingrid Spörl, Katja Kwastek; recording: Sigrid Nagele, Ulrike Pimminger; audio editing: Ulrike Pimminger; Interviews conducted in September 2009 at the Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz (Austria).

Klaus (in German)Klaus (in German)
Klaus is a doctor who always comes to see the Lentos exhibitions. He has interacted with the work together with his partner...
Klaus (in German)
Mattias (in German)Mattias (in German)
Mattias is a student who has come to the exhibition with some friends. He did not stay long...
Mattias (in German)
Markus (in German)Markus (in German)
Markus works in the media arts. His statements focus mainly on the sounds in the installation...
Markus (in German)

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