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Ghana's Highlife Music Collection

Sweet Talks


Sweet Talks, The Kusum Beat (1976)
Sweet Talks

The musical revolution in Ghana took an effective new turn around early 70’s. In this period Ghanaian musicians rediscovered their roots and started exploiting their very resourceful musical heritage. The Sweet Talks was formed in December 15th, 1973, by Jonathan Abraham, proprietor of The Talk of the Town Hotel in Tema. The group was under the leadership of Smart Nkansah and included the vocalists A.B.Crentsil and P.S. Flyne, the trumpet player Tommy King.

The Sweet Talks carved a niche for itself as the crowd pulling band of Ghana. The "Kusum Beat" album was their second LP and perfectly in line with the aspirations of the new era. The Beat was an evolution of indigenous rhythms from the Upper, Central and Western Regions of Ghana adopted, polished and put into the modern dance context, the Kusum Beat.

Source: Carl Agyeman Bannerman Super Star, The Kusum Beat, Sweet Talks, Philips, Records Manufacturers (Ghana) Ltd.