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Collection of Documents Published by E.A.T.

Pepsi-Cola Pavilion Project (1968-1972)

Pepsi Pavilion, Osaka, Japan, 1970
Pepsi Pavilion, Osaka, Japan, 1970 Pepsi-Cola Pavilion, Expo 70, Osaka Pepsi-Cola Pavilion, Expo 70, Osaka
In 1968, David Thomas at Pepsi-Cola teamed up with E.A.T. for a project that enlisted European, Japanese and American artists to help design the American pavilion for the Osaka World's Fair set for 1970. The project's coordinators, Robert Breer and Billy Klüver, asked the artists Forrest Myers, Robert Whitman and David Tudor to design different parts of the building's infrastructure. The architect John Pearce drew up the plans, and 63 engineers and scientists helped to set up technological devices on the outside and inside of the pavilion. Artists invited to the fair, including several E.A.T. members, presented performances that showcased the site's acoustic potential and architectural features.

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