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Digital Image Processor

Digital Image Processor technical diagram (ca. 1977)
Tool Identification

Name of tool: Digital Image Processor
Inventor/Designer: Don McArthur; Jeffrey Schier
Date of design: 1976
Type of application: video

Description of the tool

This digitizer breaks the video image down pixel by pixel and reshapes the components in an environment governed by mathematical laws. The Digital Image Processor generates effects of pixelation, manipulates the borders of an image, stretches the image vertically and horizontally, and duplicates it several times on the screen. It is also used to create sequences of complex geometric motifs based on algorithmic structures.

Around 1976, Woody acquired an LS-11 microcomputer to begin programming video signals with binary code. Thanks to a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, he teamed up with physicist Don MacArthur and computer scientist Jeffrey Schier, who helped him build and operate the Digital Image Processor. At this stage, the device was a prototype, but its components would later be recycled within the complex structure of the Digital Image Articulator

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