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Allvision, 1975

Steina, Allvision I, 1975
Steina, Allvision II, 1978 Steina, Allvision II, 1978 Steina, Allvision II, 1978
In Allvision, two cameras "face" each other, adjusted in a stable position in relation to each other on a horizontally turning axis. However, the two cameras pick up their own "images" instead, because their viewing of each other is "blocked" by a centrally positioned mirror sphere placed between them. The cameras aiming to "see" each other instead see their own images reflected in the mirror sphere. Distinct from a comparable self-reflection in a flat-surface mirror, the reflection "screen" has been replaced by a curved convex mirroring object (the sphere), which also reflects the surrounding environment in a wide but distorted angle. At the same time, the mirrored sphere presents to each recording camera the space in front of and behind the camera. This process also randomly catches the image of any visitor near the installation a process that is doubled because the views of the two opposing cameras are displayed on two large monitors, which are also included in the encompassing space as the axis turns.

Yvonne Spielmann © 2004 FDL