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RIXC (The Centre for New Media Culture)

Media Architecture (research and festival)

(Riga, Latvia)

Poster for the International Festival for New Media Culture, Riga 2001
The Foundation has supported the Media Architecture project by RIXC, the Centre for New Media Culture. This project, which has grown out of a case study on the architectural development of RIXC's future space, explores media architecture and the merging of postmodern urban geography with information networks.

The project included a series of research workshops and conferences that studied how the social dynamics of virtual networks, when applied to physical conditions, facilitate the expansion of public space. Among the participating artists were Luke Jerram, Martins Ratniks, Jason Sweeney and Shohei Shigematsu. The results of this research have been unveiled during the festival ART+COMMUNICATION, held in Riga in May 2003. Media Architecture was the final event in this series of research workshops.

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