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Espacio La Rebeca

2002-2003 Exhibition and Screening Program

(Bogotá, Colombia)

Miguel Calderón, Carrusel, 1996
Jonas Mekas, As I Was Moving Ahead, Occasionally I saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty, 2000 Ana Axpe, Slapping, 1998
The Foundation has supported Espacio La Rebeca's 2002-2003 exhibition and screening program. This new independent space founded by Michele Faguet is located in Bogotá, Colombia.

Espacio La Rebeca's mission is twofold: "to provide a space of dialogue through which local artists might reach out to one another across a fragmented and dispersed set of institutional and social boundaries and to bring artists from abroad to Bogotá in order to establish a network of artists of diverse backgrounds whose work, nevertheless, demonstrates shared conceptual interests. The international scope of Espacio La Rebeca will then serve the dual function of enriching the local art scene and facilitating the access that emerging Colombian artists have to international art circuits." (1)

More than an exhibition space, Espacio La Rebeca hosts video and film screenings, music performances, artist talks and other events. Its 2002-2003 exhibition and screening program consisted of a balanced selection of emerging and established artists and filmmakers, local and foreign. The exhibition segment featured solo shows by artists such as María Margarita Jiménez, Ana Axpe and Miguel Calderón, while the screening segment presented film work by filmmakers like Jonas Mekas, Daniela Lovera and Juan Nascimento. The program started in October 2002 with an exhibition of drawings by Colombian María Margarita Jiménez and ended in August 2003 with an exhibition curated by Jesús Fuenmayor on Nicolás Guagnini and Carla Arocha.

Dominique Fontaine © 2004 FDL

(1) This excerpt comes from the proposal submitted to the Foundation.