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Workshops with Yvonne Spielmann

The experimental video work of the Vasulkas in light of media developments in the 70's, 80's and in the present time

Workshops with Yvonne Spielmann: The 90's (video)
Workshops with Yvonne Spielmann: The 90's (video)
The 90's

The third day concludes around concepts of perceptual environment and immersive space as developed in the 90s to present time in the work of the Vasulkas. The medium video is compared to hybrid media showcasing the different capacities of virtualization and complexity (especially visualization in virtualization). The ways in which the work of the Vasulkas leads to the conceptualization of interactive and virtual, in short, hybrid media is demonstrated through contemporary examples like Bill Seaman's work, which examines language systems. Finally, some of the technical and theoretical preoccupations of the Vasulkas, and their avant-garde role in relationship to comparable radical approaches, is discussed as they reemerge in new media today: for example, jodi, David Stout and Granular Synthesis.