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David Larcher


In his videos and preceding experimental films, David Larcher (working in the UK) has focused on radically deconstructing image information into an ‘emptied image’ that is ‘video void’ (containing only the information of the signal processing). By using blue screen techniques, optical prisms, mirror spheres, synthesizers and computer graphics, he develops a concept of ‘visuality’ that explores the borders of visibility through multiple keys, layers and mirror effects, as well as through emptying the raster form of the image. His deconstruction devices comprise multiplying and stretching (figuration and lines) and negation/dissolution of image information (contrast and colour). The realization of a video image is made visible through different states of processing audiovisual information, to the point where the extreme reduction of any recognizable imagery collapses into white noise. In this regard, Larcher also explores matrix phenomena of the electronic medium.

Yvonne Spielmann © 2005 FDL