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Sketchbook 1914

Eisenstein's Early Drawings

Eisenstein's Early Drawings

The Daniel Langlois Foundation presents a Web publication dedicated to one of Eisenstein's early sketchbooks dating from 1914, when he was 16 years old:

The relatively small book (23.9 x 20 cm) contains 150 back-to-back pages, its sketches mainly in ink, with a few watercolours. Each page is accompanied by a critical apparatus by Oksana Bulgakowa, incorporating both text and visual elements. An Eisenstein specialist, Dr. Bulgakowa comments on the sketches and draws from her biography of Eisenstein to help us understand the familial, social and political environment in which he grew up and developed as an artist. She also pulls excerpts from Eisenstein's writings, which provide us with insight into the visionary's thinking and creative approach. The visual material includes a wide variety of documents: drawings, plans, notes, videos and photographs associated with Eisenstein's works; illustrations and drawings by Grandville, Daumier and de Vinci; caricatures; and reproductions of paintings (Giotto, Degas, Goya).

To help you navigate through the site, we recommend that you refer to our user guide, which explains the icons representing the various categories of the critical apparatus and the navigation method.

However, before plunging into the extraordinary and exuberant world of the young Eisenstein, we invite you to read the introduction  by Oksana Bulgakowa.

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