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Name: Derrick de Kerckhove

14 documents in the collection

Audio document
[Round table joining different participants present at the colloquium/workshop "Devices of Design", Canadian Centre of Architecture, Montreal, Quebec, November 19, 2004 / Technical operator : Éric Legendre]. – Recorded November 19, 2004. – 2 mini compacts disc (3 hrs. 55 min. 46 sec) : master, digital, sound, mono, MiniDisc (HHB MD80). – MiniDisc. – Document produced within the framwork of the second day of the Canadian Centre of Architecture's project : An international colloquium/workshop on digital architectural archives entitled ''Devices of Design: Architecture and Variable Media'' funded by the Daniel Langlois foundation in 2003. – Sub-master copy made from the master copy in 2006 (4 CD-R Audio). – Electronic file made from the sub-master copy in 2006 also available (2 mp3 file).