Video-Cued Recall Interview with Elfi (excerpt):

Elfi works in the arts sector and has extensive experience in digital and interactive art. At first, she walks around paying attention to the elements of the installation–the lights, camera, speakers and white box that houses the computer. She realises by standing still that her movements are generating the sounds. She begins to change her movements, running in circles and crouching low, to see what impact it has on the sounds. She thinks that the interaction in the work does not allow her to make enough voluntary choices to feel that she is truly involved. For her, staying still seems to be the only form of control she has over the work. At the end of the interview there is a discussion about the age of Very Nervous System, and Elfi says that knowing how old it is makes her appreciate the work much more. She is particularly interested in the way it explores the idea of the interface in its most basic form.

Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Linz; interviewer: Lizzie Muller. Interview conducted in September 2009 in Linz (Austria).