Video-Cued Recall Interview with Birgitt (German version excerpt):

Birgitt is a sales woman who lives and works in Linz. She has no prior experience with the work or interactive art in general. She enters the installation and cautiously explores it to understand what she sees and to find out what she might be able to do. She says that initially she was very surprised, as she had expected some kind of visual experience, but then she really began to appreciate the sounds. She also wonders about the purpose of the white box and if it might produce sounds itself. She explains that she experienced the central area of the installation as most responsive. After initially being surprised by the sound reactions, she walks and moves back and forth to explore them more thoroughly. She says she experienced the project as a mix between the installation's sounds and her own movements. When asked, she says that although she realised that the sounds changed (from 'hard edged' to 'nearly oriental'), she can't say if she influenced the change. Generally speaking, she says she did not find out how the installation worked technically.

Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Linz; interviewer: Katja Kwastek. Interview conducted in September 2009 in Linz (Austria).