Semi-Structured Interview with Heinz (audio excerpt):

Heinz is a middle-aged banker with a strong technical background. He has a great interest in contemporary art and has seen many exhibitions around the world. Nothing happens when Heinz first walks into the installation space, and he says he likely would have left without ever hearing the sounds if the interviewer had not suggested he go further into the room. He comments that, even though he has been trying to read the interpretive texts, the whole See This Sound exhibition is hard to understand. When he does activate the installation, he finds it an interesting "technical" work. He experiments with his movements and wonders at first if the sounds he hears are being generated from microphones picking up the noises he is making himself. He compares the work to Laurie Anderson's Handphone Table (also in the See This Sound exhibition), which he finds more meaningful and satisfying.

Produced by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Linz; interviewer: Lizzie Muller. Interview conducted in September 2009 in Linz (Austria).