Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Jorge Rapp (Argentine)

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Jorge Rapp (born in Buenos Aires, 1946) have been composing electroacoustic music since the early 70s, when he received an scholarship from the National Endowment for the Arts of Argentina (Fondo Nacional de las Artes) and CICMAT - Center for Research in Massive Communication, Art and Technology (Centro de Investigación en Comunicación Masiva, Arte y Tecnología) to study composition.

Among other works, Rapp composed these electroacoustic pieces for tape: "Estudio I" in 1973, realized at CICMAT; "Un tiempo, un lugar... " in 1975, realized at personal studio and CICMAT; "Cotidiana" in 1978, realized at personal studio; "El Prolongado Cuento" in 1979, realized at the Musical Studies Center (CEM - Centro de Estudios Musicales); "Dos piezas para una puerta o viceversa" in 1980, realized at CEM; "Aquí, allá y en todas partes" in 1984, realized at CEM; "Estudio Electrónico II" in 1985, realized at LIPM; "Divertimento para dos guitarras encintas" in 1988, realized at CEM; 'Evocaciones" in 1989, realized at CEM; "Break Up" in 1992, realized at CEM; "Biosfera Uno" in 1994, realized at CEM; "Tramas" in 1996, realized at CEM; "Objetos animados" in 1996, an hommage to Pierre Schaeffer, realized at CEM; "Tiempos Virtuales" in 1997, realized at LIPM and CEM; and "Tres Momentos", version stereo realized at CEM in 1999, 8 channels version realized at LIPM in 2000.

Rapp is also founder and director of the Sound Laboratory at the Musical Studies Center (CEM - Centro de Estudios Musicales) in Buenos Aires, and President of FARME - Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires chapter of the Argentina's Federation of Electroacustic Music) since 2001.

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