Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Daniel Schachter (Argentine)

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Daniel Schachter (born in Buenos Aires, 1953) is professor at the National University of Lanús, and artistic co-director of the Sonoimágenes festival.

Among other works he composed: "Ecos" for amplified piano and electronic sounds in 1990; "Hálito" for amplified flute and electronic sounds in 1991; "A 1", real time electroacoustic music, in 1992; "Seine sans e" and "Tiempo quebrado", both for tape, and "Tiempo ausente" for flute, violin, bassoon, cello, piano and tape, all three works in 1993; "En pos del tiempo" for flute and real time generated electronic sounds, "Espejos virtuales", realized at GRM in Paris, and "Intramuros", all three pieces in 1994; "Intramuros II" in 1995; "Fuga tras un objeto oculto" in 1996; "... raíces lejanas, tal vez" in 1997; " LuzazuL " in 1998-1999; "Lineas y puntos de otro tiempo" in 2000; "Efecto tango" in 2001 (revised 2002), all this eight pieces for tape; "FlaX" for flute and live electronics in 2002.

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