Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Sergio Schmilovich (Argentine)

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Sergio Schmilovich (born in Buenos Aires, 1959; he recently turned his artistic name to Smilovich) is composer, flutist and sound engineer.

Among other works he composed: "La confesión" for tape in 1990, "Memorias del poeta" for tape, based on a text by poet Pablo Neruda, in 1992, "Mare Nostrum III" for flute and tape, including the processed voice of Arab singer Amal Murkus on the tape part, and "Danzas", both in 1993, all four tape pieces realized at the laboratory of the University of Tel Aviv, Israel; "Oktubre" for tape in 1998, an hommage to Che Guevara based on texts he wrote during his last days in Bolivia, realized at Estudios Grial in Buenos Aires; "Cuarto Paraíso" for tape and "Otoño" (five hours of electroacoustic music!) in 2000; "Evolución" for tape and "Evolución para contrafagot y cinta" for double bassoon and tape, both in 2001; "Lacrimosa a Salvador Dalí" for tape in 1989, new remixed version from 2003; and "Fantasía para arpas" for tape, also 2003, using sound materials recorded at the University of Tel Aviv during 1993.

Smilovich lives in Montreal, Canada, since 2003.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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