Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Juan María Solare (Argentine)

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Juan María Solare (born in Buenos Aires, 1966) studied piano, composition and conducting at the National Conservatory of Music in Argentina.

Among other pieces he composed: "Mentira", realized at Deutsche Welle' studios, Germany, in 1996; "Assurancetourix" for tape, based on samples of the voice of Ligia Liberatori, in 1999; "Solidità della nebbia" for basset horn and electronic sounds, between 1999 and 2000; "Was a saW" for electronic sounds (sawtooth waves), "Voi ch'intrate" for tape, "The void profound of unessential night" for electronic sounds (sine waves), "Celsius 24 (Wolhtemperierter Raum)", sound installation for the Altes Rathaus in Worpswede, "Engarces" for electronic sounds, "Trituration" for electronic sounds, and "Drooping Drops" for bassoon, piano and tape, all seven works in 2001; and "Preludio granular y Fuga" for tape, and "Circa Cis" for choir (and tape ad libitum) in 2002.

About "Solidità della nebbia" (Solidity of mist) for basset horn and electronic sounds he wrote: "… was realized at the Studio of the Musikhochschule in Cologne (with the technical assistance of Marcel Schmidt and under the guidance of Hans Ulrich Humpert). The piece is almost completely based upon samples of basset horn, performed by Michele Marelli, and of his voice.
The title is taken from a picture by Luigi Russolo (1885-1947), a painting where the colour blue predominates, ….. Russolo, besides being painter, was a musician (or at least inventor), and one of the impulsers of Futurism. He was one of the first that already in 1913 imagined a music based on taking noise as raw material and organizing it. And he didn't limit himself to imagine this, but he constructed a group of apparats (intonarumori) that put in practice his ideas. That line of thought is retaken with Edgar Varese, later with the musique concrète and the electronic. Forcing things, all present computer music is in debt with futurist ideas. To intitle this piece "Solidità della nebbia" implies thus an acknowledgement."

Another work by Solare is "Collar", part of a trilogy that he conceived in 2001 including: "Perlas Esparcidas" (Pearls) for unaccompanied trumpet (or English horn or basset horn), "Engarces" (Threadings) for electronic sounds, and "Collar" (Necklace) for trumpet (or English horn or basset horn) and electronic sounds. "Collar" is the superposition of "Perlas Esparcidas" and "Engarces" (thus Pearls + Threadings = Necklace).

Solare lives in Germany.

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