Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Francis Schwartz (Porto Rico)

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Francis Schwartz (born in the Texas, United States, 1940) grew up in his native land and studied music in the United States and France. From 1971 until 1980 he was the titular Chairman of the University of Puerto Rico Music Department, where he established the first Electronic Music Laboratory there and a Workshop for Experimental Music.

Schwartz has an important catalog of compositions including music for instruments and tape, pieces for tape only as well as multimedia works. Some of them are: "Auschwitz", for tape, aromas, lights, dancer, temperature manipulation and slides, from 1968; "Triangular Study", for trumpet, harp and tape from 1971; "Yo protesto", for orchestra and tape from 1974; "Time, Sound and the Hooded Man" for actors, tape and videotape, and "Dolor de Muelas", for voice and tape, both from 1975; "Caligula", versions for tape, and piano and tape, also from 1975; "Hommage a K…." for one soloist, tape and aromas from 1978; "Musique pour Juvisy" for tape, videotape and synth, collaboration with C. Miereanu, and "Mon Oeuf", polyartistic creation including video, aromas, electronic sounds, temperature manipulation and special architecture, both pieces from 1979; "Ergo sum", for flute and tape, from 1980; "Grimaces" for chamber ensemble, tape and participting public, from 1984; "Aires Granadinos", versions for electronics only, piano and tape, voice and tape, violin and tape, from 1995; and "Tongues" (or "Lenguas") from 1998; among others.

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