Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Enrique Belloc (Argentina)

Enrique Belloc (born in Buenos Aires,1936) studied with Pierre Scheffer at GRM in Paris during the 60s. Among other works he composed: "Faber Farven" for tape in 1985; "Homenaje a Pierre Schaeffer" for live samplers and synthesizers in 1989; "Para Bla, un saludo a Barbara Belloc" in 1993, "poPierre" in 1994, "Rugosidades del inconsciente colectivo" and "Suite Acusmatica" in 1995, "Objetos Reencontrados" in 1997, all of them tape works; "Espacios Acusmáticos" for 8 channels tape in 1998; "Canto Ancestral: Onoma, Poieo, Tibet, Sueños" in 1999, and "Tríptico de Bahía Blanca" in 2000, both works for tape too; and "Remix Portraits" in 2002.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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