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Sami Abadi (Argentina)

Sami Abadi is composer, a multi-instrumentalist and an electronics performer.

From 1995 Sami has been developing his own sound, initially based on his electric violin playing through real time electronic processing.

His music is structured around open concepts, including the ambient praxis and experimental approaches with influence from his studies in ethnomusic.

With a huge interest in live performance, Sami has played over 300 solo concerts and has been invited to lay his sound with virtually everybody at the contemporary/electronic/progressive scene in Argentina. One of this experiences led to a collaboration with the internationally acclaimed performance group De La Guarda and later with his his music director, Gaby Kerpel. He is currently the electric violin player with Ultratango, a new electronic-tango ensemble that plays Astor Piazzolla┬┤s music on electronic instruments.

He toured round New York City in September 1998 (10 concerts, including The Living Room, Baby Jupiter, The Knitting Factory) and again in August 2000 (16 concerts, including CB's Gallery, The Baggott Inn, Void, and one more time The Knitting Factory, and the venues from the previous gig).

His work with processed toys was featured at the LEM Festival -Barcelona- in October 2004.

Solo albums, "Lejos o leve?" (1998) and "Lunar" (2003).

Sami Abadi has been awarded by The Bridgestone Foundation for his electronic composition Minotauro ("Primera Bienal de Arte Bridgestone", november 2000).

Sami has developed a career as a music educator as well. He teaches at the Universidad de Palermo, is a founder member of FLADEM (Foro LatinoAmericano de Educaci├│n Musical), a workshop leader at Colleges and Universties and an author on music education ("Musica, Maestro!", Humanitas 1994 & Lumen/Humanitas 2001).

(Text by Sami Abadi, November 2004)

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