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Harold Hodges

Harold Hodges began his career as a clockmaker. During the 1960s, while at Bell Telephone Laboratories (Murray Hill, N.J., U.S.), he focused mainly on laser research. In 1960, together with Billy Klüver, he developed a number of mechanical components for Hommage à New York. Jean Tinguely’s self-destructing sculpture presented in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y., U.S.). He also helped Robert Rauschenberg create his sound sculpture Oracle (1962-1965). In 1965, he once again helped Klüver construct the helium-filled balloons used by Andy Warhol in his work Silver Clouds (1965-1966). For 9 Evenings, Hodges designed the “anti-missile missile,” a remote controlled balloon for Kisses Sweeter than Wine by Oyvind Fahlström. He also built the soap bubble generator used in this performance to give the impression of snowflakes falling upside down.

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