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ZKM, Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

Future Cinema

Future Cinema is a major international exhibition of current art practice in video, film and computer-based installations that "embody and anticipate cinematic apparatuses and modes of expression" (1). The exhibition focus on artworks that investigate alternative methods of projection, such as those that are immersive, interactive or panoramic as opposed to wall/screen-based projections.

In addition, the ZKM has hosted presentations by participating artists and has produced a catalogue that not only discusses the works in the exhibition but also traces the history of experimental, expanded cinema and the advent of multiple narratives, projections and screens. The contemporary artists chosen for the show either take on these traditions in their works or use new technologies and new views, both ocular and social, to predict possibilities for extended audience relationships to moving image and sound.

Conceived and curated by Jeffrey Shaw (head of the ZKM Institute for Visual Media) and Peter Weibel (the ZKM's director), Future Cinema was presented from September 2002 to February 2003 at the ZKM. The exhibition features new and older works by artists such as Blast Theory, Luc Courchesne, Perry Hoberman, Lev Manovitch, Tony Oursler, Marnix de Nijs, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel and Pierre Huyghe.

Angela Plohman © 2001 FDL

(1) Taken from the project proposal submitted to the Daniel Langlois Foundation by the ZKM, January 31, 2001.