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Art Today Foundation

Communication Front 2000

Art Today Foundation, Communication Front 2000, 2000
Art Today Foundation, Communication Front 1999, 1999 Boryana Dragoeva and Ventsislav Zankov, 8 TV Sets, 2000 Kosio Minchev, Nostalgia, 2000
Comunication Front 2000 was a conference and exhibition that featured artists working in the Balkans, under the theme of Crossing Points: East-West. Organized by the Art Today Foundation, the project's aim was to outline the existing problems and common paths for development that bring together the community of artists, theorists and activists in the Balkans. These individuals wish to work on a global level, while at the same time acknowledging their geographical identity. In partnership with several European organizations, such as FACT (UK), IDEA (UK), V2 (NL), and various other centres for contemporary art in Eastern Europe, Cfront 2000 proved to be a crucial gathering place to explore new media in the Balkans

The Art Today Foundation was established in 1997 by a group of artists and intellectuals based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The group has formed a unique centre for contemporary art, working outside the more common government and previously Soros-funded organizations scattered across Eastern Europe.

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