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Canadian Centre for Architecture

An international colloquium/workshop on digital architectural archives entitled "Devices of Design: Architecture and Variable Media"

(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

As an international research center and museum devoted to architecture, the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) has an urgent responsibility to examine the widespread use of digital media in the architectural design process and its consequences for contemporary architectural theory and practice. The Centre must also establish a method for the evaluation of digital architectural archives and to determine how these are to be conserved.

In collaboration with the Daniel Langlois Foundation, the CCA will organize an international colloquium/workshop to take place in Fall 2004. The colloquium will examine the theoretical and philosophical relationships between the new media and historical architectural procedures, design and theory. The workshop will look into the question of evaluating and conserving digital documents of architectural design and communication. The proceedings of the colloquium will be published and will also be available on-line. The workshop will be videotaped, and the participants’ contributions will form the basis of an ongoing written record of deliberations on the conservation of digital architectural archives.

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