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(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The Foundation has supported MobileGaze's exhibition activities for 2003. Founded in 1999 by Brad Todd, Andrew Brouse and ValĂ©rie Lamontagne, MobileGaze is an on-line artist collective dedicated to promoting, presenting and discussing media works. MobileGaze uses an electronic magazine format to present digital and Net art, interviews, critical writing about the Web, and live Webcast events. MobileGaze also develops thematically curated Web art such as the recent projects matter+memory (1) and location.dislocation (2).

For 2003, the collective developed the on-line exhibition <PAUSE>. This exhibition investigates notions of time on the Web as experienced in art through technology. In contrast to most electronic equipment (like VCRs, CD-ROMs and DV), the Web is a mediator for all digital media (sound, video, hypertext and images) and a constant stream of information without a pause button. The intention is to provide the viewer with a moment of reflection by investigating how Web culture defines time within the physical, conceptual, philosophical and imaginary.

<PAUSE> features 10 projects produced in collaboration with MobileGaze by sound, video, new media and Web artists exploring the theme of the exhibition. Launched on April 15th 2004, a 32-page print publication was also produced to mirror the content of the online exhibition and Website.

Dominique Fontaine © 2004 FDL