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Video and dancing in Binghamton. — Binghamton : The Experimental Television Center, 1975. — N. p. — Advertisement document. — One folded sheet. — Included in the file entitled «Experimental television center».
CR+D Code number : VAS B39-C2-16

Advertisement document
- Document in English
- State in the CR+D Collection : ORIGINAL
- Fonds/Collections : Vasulka
- Is part of the series Vasulka : Eigenwelt der Apparatewelt : Pioniere der Elektronischen Kunst = Pioneers of Electronic Art
- This document is included in the file Experimental television center, [1974-1992].

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- Peer Bode
- Ralph Hocking
- Walter Wright

- Experimental Television Center (The ) (ETC), Newark Valley

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- Video and dancing in Binghamton, 1975, Newark Valley

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