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Santa Fe. — [1980-1999]. — Set of 35 elements. — File. — The person who processed the documents established the arrangement of items. — Includes seven e-mails, one schedule, two posters, on agreement, one preliminary program, four invitation cards, four programs, three advertising documents, one newsletter, one form, one clipping, nine letters. — This file is attached to the organizations «American Center for Electronic Music», «Armory for the Arts», «Museum of New Mexico», «Santa Fe Institute», «Site Santa Fe», «University of New Mexico».
CR+D Code number : VAS B17-C3

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- State in the CR+D Collection : ORIGINAL
- Fonds/Collections : Vasulka
- Is part of the series Vasulka : Événements et organismes diffuseurs

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- Yvonne Spielmann
- Steina Vasulka
- Woody Vasulka

- American Center for Electronic Music, Santa Fe
- Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe
- Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe
- Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe
- Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe
- University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

- Altering Boundaries, 1993, Albuquerque
- Simplicity and Complexity in the Arts and in the Creative Process, 1998, Santa Fe
- Winter's eve, Santa Fe
- [«Voice environment» by Woody Vasulka and Doris Cross and «Branches» by John Cage], 1990, Santa Fe
- TeleConcert, 1994, Santa Monica
- Tuning In, 1986, Santa Fe
- 1980 Armory Museum !Festival! Show (The ), 1980, Santa Fe
- Third Annual Santa Fe International Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music (The ), 1999, Santa Fe
- Video Installation Collaboration : Steina Vasulka and Tom Joyce : Pyroglyphs (A ), 1995, Santa Fe

- Art and Science
- Electronic
- Image
- Electronic Music
- Video